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axis mundi:
turning point of the world : line through the earth’s center around which the universe revolves

–Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Access Mundane explores the intertwined lives of people living, working and struggling in West Hollywood, California. Squeezed literally and figuratively between the gritty, desperate churn of Hollywood and the obscene opulence of Beverly Hills, the universe of Access Mundane represents a city, a culture and a country at the crossroads of the 21st century. This is a community where everyone strives for success, celebrity, and being an icon even if it’s just in one’s own mind. Amidst the gay bars, the art galleries, the million dollar condos and the sports car congestion exists a petri dish of humanity that is forever evolving into a new strain of… something. You be the judge. Karlsen Clay is just the court reporter.